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Key Specifications
Easy to add perimeter security detector solar power wireless photoelectric beam, grating, detector to exist home security system. Working compatible HB-MFR or HB-ZJQ-3 works with solar powered wireless break beam 2- beam, 3 beam, 4 beam or 6 beam infrared beams and solar powered infrared grating or detector.
The solar beam and detectors can be easy installed on driveway, backyard or front yard, private garden to block intrusion of perimeter protected areas.
Wireless to wired converter is used to convert solar power beam and detector alarm wireless signal to wired output. So, the alarm center can receive alarm information of new added perimeter sensors.
One HB-ZJQ-3 can have up to 8 wired output zones and each zone can equip up to 6 wireless beam or detector.
Solar power wireless beam and detector are designed for outdoor usage with IP66 waterproof and can work at extreme weather condition.
There is 2 years warranty for the solar power beam and detector.
There are various wireless alarm receiver such as app alarm receiver HB-5050G or HB-5050R and simple alarm bell HB-805A.
If you need sound and light alarm outdoor, there is solar powered siren strobe which can equip up to 32 wireless solar power beam and detectors.
Add perimeter security large land security easy with solar powered photoelectric beam and detectors.
Perimeter security solar power beam alarm converter
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