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Key Specifications
CCTV panoramic monitor IP camera home surveillance with intruder detectors linked for accurate and complete protection of every area.
The professional home and business security system is with the most reliable security technology standard for every detectors and panel and the newest network technology for easy installation and setting with app.
HA-8303 is an IP panoramic camera with alarm functions and CCTV video surveillance functions. It can equip up to 32 wireless intruder detectors such as door open contact, motion sensor, PIR, infrared detector, outdoor intrusion detector, smoke detector, gas sensor, heat detector, wireless keyfob, remote control.
HA-8303 is PTZ camera and you can monitor every area from mobile app. This alarm camera is suitable apartment monitoring with one camera installed on the ceiling of living room. This can be found at If you need to have more cameras installed at different places, you should buy alarm panel based video surveillance alarm system. It can be found at
With that, you can link detector with corresponding camera in the area to pop up photo on that site.
When you receive an alarm signal, you can also receive a picture of the alarm scene, know what happened and can stop it.
You can open your cell phone anytime and anywhere to check whether the elderly, children and pets in your family are safe.
HA-8303 is such a security video alarm device to be installed on living room ceiling with 360 degree view. It can equip up to 32 wireless sensors and remote controller, wireless siren strobe. From the app, you can easy add and edit detectors such as motion sensor, smoke detector, heat sensor, gas sensor, outdoor wireless PIR and door contact. Every entrance and gate will be guarded by suitable detector. The detectors are linked with HA-8303 camera to take photo when alarm is triggered. From your mobile phone app, you will receive alarm and screen photo.
HA-8303 has TCP/IP or WIFI network. You can easy set it via app.
Focus security meiantech is professional burglar alarm and CCTV manufacturer for more than 30 years. Professional security system will provide real safety. The motion sensor adopts anti mask technology, Doppler effect and intelligence analysis, tamper resistance etc.
Alarm Camera complete home security system burglar alarm and video surveillance
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