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Key Specifications
Meian tech Focus brand professional security system alarm system newest technology hybrid wireless alarm wired alarm and fire alarm CCTV surveillance integrated security equipment.
FC-7664Pro New model 2022 launched security system manufactured by meian tech. FSK wireless protocol is adopted for reliable two way communication between alarm panel and wireless detectors such as door contact, PIR, motion sensor, water leakage detector, smoke detector, gas sensor, glass break detector, curtain PIR, window open contact, infrared beam sensor.
Easy to integrate all sections of security protection requirement including intrusion detection and alarm, fire detection and alarm, intercom, CCTV surveillance video evidence of alarm.
The alarm panel has 32 wireless 8 wired and 56 bus zones for building security, office security needs.
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Brand Name: FOCUS
Certification: CE
CID: ADMCO Contact ID,SIA-2013
Input: 110 ~ 240VAC
Output: 15V DC / 3A
Smart home platform: Other
Wireless protocol: FSK (Please select same brand FSK wireless devices for compatibility)
FC-7664Pro is a intelligent alarm control system which integrated with burglar proof, fireproof, gas leak proof. it is compatible with wired and wireless alarm mode. it use advanced coding techniques of BUS zone and multi-bit random code hopping techniques in security and reliability. to avoid false alarm and interference effectively. adopt SMS, GSM, high-speed Contact ID alarm transmission mode. this system is widely used in residence community, villa, shops, offices.

Features of FC-7664Pro Wired Security System
1. Can be divided into 4 independent areas, with 32 wireless zones, 8 wired zones, 56 expansion zones can be expanded by bus port (including 24 keyboard expansion zones and 32 bus zones), 32 single-bus zones, total support 128 zones.
2. The device has 1 web administrator account, 1 system administrator password, 1 main user, and 32 ordinary users.In addition to the system administrator password, other accounts can log in to the web page to access the host.
3. Support 8 remote controls, 4 two-way wireless siren, 8 keyboards, 32 appliance switches.
4.Support 2 network alarm receiving platforms and 2 telephone alarm receiving platforms, which can be set to backup mode and dual alarm mode
5. Support 4 voice phones to send voice and text messages
6. Support mobile APP remote control and alarm information push
7. Timing arm and disarm: 4 groups of timing arm and disarm time, you can assign any one or several partitions to be effective.
8. Two SIM cards can be inserted, and the priority SIM card can be set.
FC-7664Pro wired wireless alarm panel
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