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Key Specifications
HB brand solar powered wireless perimeter break beam, solar power PIR, solar power fence grating system compatible wireless receiver center alarm panel and securty service equipment.
HB-G250 has 8 wired zones and 992 wireless zones capacity. It is used for community security service with CMS software installed for PC windows operation and management. It has wired keypad for easy program detectors and zones.
HB-G250 can equip with TCP/IP communication with RS485 interface and App monitor is available with it.
Easy to build up security service center with HB-G250 alarm panel (refer to how to build up security service center at with all types perimeter wireless security beams, detectors, indoor motion sensor, door contact, panic button, smoke detector, gas sensor, water leakage detector.
Packing list:
1. PSTN alarm host X1 (ademco contact id protocol)
2.Wired alarm key panel X1
3. wireless remote X1
Product Introduction
1.8 wired and 992 wireless programmable defense areas. (Can work with same brand wireless detectors only)
2. Ademco Contact Id communication protocol.
3. 5 modes of defenses: departure defense, perimeter defense, single area defense, time delay defense, long distance defense.
4. 5 types of defense areas: instant defense area, time delay defense area, 24 hours defense area, perimeter defense and by-pass defense area.
5. 4 modes of disarming: password keyboard disarming, wireless remote control disarming, long distance disarming, alarm disarming.
6. Able to arrange defense, disarm the alarm, and emergency alarm by remote control.
7. Two sets of user passwords and one set of installation password.
8. Can prerecord 10-20s voice alarm.
9. It can dial 4 sets of telephone number (fixed or mobile phone number) and one set of alarm center number.
10. Parameter related to recording, monitoring, remote control, type of defense areas and telephone line inspection can be set as required through the key panel. It is tamper-resistant and lightening-proof.
11. With 110-220VAC power supply and 12V/7Ah backup battery. It can be accessed by a monitor head and at most 4 key panel.
12. Equipped with "watchdog" function so as to prevent the dead of halt of the system. low battery power alarm, non working alarm etc.
13. The receiving frequency is 443MHz.
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1000 zones wireless solar perimeter security alarm system
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