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Key Specifications

Nedap LoXS is the optimal locking system for any application of lockers or other compartments. Nedap LoXS has been in use since 1999 for everything from small-scale applications to organisations with thousands of lockers spread over multiple locations. More than 500,000 times a day someone, somewhere in the world, opens a locker the easy way with Nedap LoXS.

With Nedap LoXS you require far fewer lockers because you use them dynamically. This concept is very simple: Instead of requiring a locker for each person, the number of lockers is determined based on the maximum number that will be used at the same time. You decide who gets a short-term locker instead of a permanently assigned locker. The capacity is easily utilised because a short-term locker always becomes available as soon as the previous user removes their belongings.

A red/green LED shows at a glance which lockers are available. Users can open and close their lockers by simply holding their RFID access card, key fob or wristband in front of the door. This ensures that no one ever has to stand in a queue. Not sure whether your card is suitable Send us two cards and we will check for you.

If not all your users have an RFID access card, Nedap LoXS can utilise various methods at the same time, such as PIN code, biometrics or your own type of card.

Ensure that only persons from your organisation can use the lockers, Nedap LoXS is the only locking system that can read the encrypted customer-specific data from your MIFARE card. If vandals attempt to force the lockers it is immediately detected, because all the electronic locks have their own built-in tamper sensor. You can also use this feature to directly activate a local alarm or camera.

Nedap LoXS Locking System
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