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Mobile Aerial Drone Elimination (MADE) Anti UAV Anti Drone handheld Weapon

Infiniti’s Mobile Aerial Drone Elimination (MADE) is a long distance hand-held anti-UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) weapon designed to provide police, military, and security personnel the means to immediately eliminate aerial threats. The MADE works by jamming the UAV or drones ability to receive GPS coordinates and jamming manual control resulting in neutralization of the UAV or drone from 1~2km away.

The MADE unlike other anti-drones systems is a complete self-contained solution with the battery and jammers all build into a lightweight package that weighs under 10 pounds. The MADE was designed to look like a rifle for easy transport, deployment, and targeting.

By the end of 2017 Infiniti will be offering a long range automatic anti-UAV/ Drone system that will detection small UAV like the DJI phantom at up to 5km away for a full 360 degrees with the ability to visually track, recognize and eliminate the drone up to 2km away. This system will provide 24/7 automated protection from UAV/drones with the option for static jammers for permanent installs making it ideal for mobile, perimeter security, events, airports and high secure locations.

Infiniti is accepting pr-orders and expects to start shipping orders in July 2017.

Infiniti Electro-Optics combines the most advanced infrared electro-optics and video surveillance technologies to create customized solutions for high-end surveillance, perimeter defense, and 24/7 threat detection. We work with MWIR & LWIR thermal infrared imaging, ZLID laser illumination, SWIR, HD long-range visible and NIR imaging, gyro stabilization, radar integration, and more.

Company founder shown with our largest camera systems: the Viper and Terra series.

We customize

Most companies only offer fixed configurations, however because of the high cost and complexity of these technologies, we prefer to custom-build complete end-to-end solutions based directly on the customer’s specifications and budget. Every situation is unique and has different needs; we want to ensure that you’re getting the best value solution with the performance you require.

Infiniti Electro-Optics is a company that is continually striving to push the level of surveillance security by creating and using the most advanced technology available. Infiniti puts the customer first with solutions that are designed and built with the client’s needs as the main priority.

Mobile Aerial Drone Elimination (MADE) Anti UAV & Drone hand held  Weapon
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Mobile Aerial Drone Elimination (MADE) Anti UAV & Drone hand held  Weapon
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