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Key Specifications
Patented compact mechanism ensures the long life of the lubricating oil inside and high quality electrical components.
Compared to tripod turnstile, flap barrier allow wider opening for user to bring along luggage or big parcel. Compared to swing barrier, flap barrier offer more faster opening by retracting its wing instead of swing open.

Model Number :FY500
Material 304 stainless steel
Working environments -15 degree -75 degree
Certificate CE
Application school , park , station , office , gov
Packing wooden package
Input signal optional Relay signal&DC12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
Status Indication Allow passing through/ Forbidden

Service Life 3,000,000 cycles

Flap wing can also be configured to auto-reverse when safety IR sensor detected user to avoid crushing onto user. During power failure, flap will automatically open by itself to allow free passage for emergency escape. Flap will automatically closed back when power resume. LED display at the front show if the lane is available or closed for maintenance.


Smart lock mechanism effectively allow only one person to pass through at a time. Arm will automatically relock back if nobody pass through after a preset delay time.


SFlap wing will auto close if there is no pedestrian or pedestrian inisde the lane is taking longer than allowed time limit to pass through. This avoid any unauthorized person to sneak into the building when flap was opened wrongly. The delay time can be preset.


Alarm light at top cover helped guard to easily identify alarm event for immediate response.
ESD flap turnstile Barrier Staff exit and entry control
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