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Multi-spectrum thermal imaging drone tracking and prevention and control integrated system, integrated ultra-long focal length visible fog-transparent HD network camera, long-range passive infrared thermal imaging detector, intelligent identification module, servo heavy head and jammer in one, to achieve multi-spectrum, multi-channel day and night complementary imaging, in low light, bad weather, night and other all-weather 24-hour day and night monitoring.
The system supports rapid reception of suspicious signals from radar scanning or spectrum scanning to locate low-altitude, slow and small targets, and automatically locks and accurately tracks them through the multi-spectral camera system all-weather, full-screen and all-time; through the integrated prevention and control platform, suspicious targets can be remotely disposed of quickly and effectively automatically or manually. Together with the annoyer, it automatically adjusts the frequency and direction of electromagnetic interference to interfere with the data link and navigation link of the UAV, cutting off the communication and navigation between the UAV and the remote control, thus forcing the UAV to land automatically or driving it away to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace.
This system is easy to operate, has a wide defence range, and can be networked and controlled for continuous operation. It is ideal for use around airports, emergency sites, security sites, important event sites, airspace of classified units and various places where drones are prohibited from flying and taking aerial photographs. It can provide a reliable all-weather (no light/backlight/strong light, rain/snow/fog, etc.) environment low and slow aerial vehicle monitoring and tracking countermeasures for public security border and sea defence, military facility perimeters, airports and ports, and other key security locations.
OEM&ODM Dual Spectrum Thermal Imaging Outdoor T-head Integrated HD Network CameraOEM&ODM
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