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Key Specifications
● Bispectral All-weather Imaging
The integration of visible and infrared thermal imaging adapts to various severe weather conditions.
In the areas of dark night, insufficient light, low contrast, direct sunlight, Bush and jungle, bad weather
conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and haze can be effectively imaged.
● High Definition Image Imaging and Coding
Fully real-time 1080P high-resolution visible image and 960P resolution thermal image are provided. Supporting H.265/H.264/MJPEG compression, based on dynamic ROI and other video compression optimization technology, built-in gamma compensation, color enhancement and digital detail enhancement (DDE) engine, providing excellent high-definition video images and fine image details.
● Integral protection of abundant interfaces
Integrated fuselage, providing power supply, network, alarm input and output, audio output, memory card interface; integrated network port anti-static, lightning protection; power supply anti-reverse connection, lightning protection, short circuit protection; fuselage protection level IP66.
Rich Compatibility and Matching
This camera product can provide Onvif, GB/T 28181 protocol compatibility, SDK development kit and CMS management platform system.
● Mode
Support: Full screen or point temperature measurement, line temperature measurement, rectangular area, irregular area temperature measurement.
Number of Temperature Measurement Areas
It supports full-screen temperature measurement in 64 areas with 1 or 16 points, 16 lines, 16 Regular areas and 16 irregular areas, and supports English naming of each area.
● Regional Temperature Display Model
Point temperature measurement: is the only timely temperature data;
Regional temperature measurement is: full-screen or regional minimum temperature, maximum temperature, average temperature three data are displayed separately in time.
● Temperature Measurement Distance
According to the scene, 13mm, 19mm infrared focal lens and 1-30m range temperature measurement are selected.
● Temperature Monitoring Range and Accuracy
First class: - 20 -- + 150 --; accuracy: + 2% range;
Second gear: -40 --+350 and accuracy: +5%.
● Intelligent Application of Warning Based on Heat Source (Temperature) Detection
High and low temperature abnormal alarm, differential temperature alarm and other early warning mechanisms;
Integrated micro-intelligent engine supports intelligent motion detection, sensor linkage alarm, cross-line and cross-border detection, area intrusion detection, real-time visual evaluation and visual alarm recognition, area intrusion, providing all-weather motion detection and clear and transparent moving images. This function is optional.
OEM&ODM Temperature Measuring Product
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