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Key Specifications
DCU9019N intelligent access controller can control unilateral entrance and exit of two doors or bi-directional entrance and exit of one door independently. It also has the function of alarm When link to the computer, all data download to the management software and 4000 incidents and data can be stored when off-line. The data can be kept for 180 days while losing electrical power. Each controller supports 7500 cardholders.

  DCU9019N controller has strong function of interact of control points inside and can set up the interlock of every point on every control panel, which improves the security and especially suits for the places where the high security is required such as bank and organ. DCU9019N can be set to lock the other relevant door and sends out alarm signal. DCU9019N also has the points of input and output to link analog signal or digital signal such as smoking sense and wet sense, and can achieve the function of linkage by controlling the equipment of light, CCTV, fire alarm etc.

Communication Of The Network

A point of RS485 network communication connects 127access controller.

Total length of the network can be up to 1200 meters.

Speed of communication: 9600 bps

Compatible with many kinds of front input equipment.

Support Wiegand 26Bit, 27Bit, 32Bit

  ABA (the second track)

  Biological identification technique

  Fingerprint identification technique

  Proximity IC card

  Password keyboard

Watermark magnetic stripe card


It also has an adaptive function and completely compatible with many kinds of Wiegand card-readers such as Motorola, HID, TI, FM, Mifare, and logic.

Size Specification

305mm×350mm×65mm (the size of outer case)

Outer case material: steel plate and spraying plastic

Technical Parameter

Working power: AC 220V (50/60HZ) current rating < 0.3A

Input parameter: crunode switching value input

Output load parameter: Working voltage AC≤ 14V, DC≤ 18VWorking electric current ≤ 10A

Working environment : Temperature: -10℃to 70℃ Humidity:0 to 90%

RJ45 Proximity reader: Offer TTL level signal, 12V DC, 150mA Proximity Reader power

Proximity Reader link the cable: 4-8 core pairs entangle in shielding line, 24AWG, 100 meters longest

4 groups model C electricity lock relay input ends, 10A contact electric current, 12V DC and LED state point

Adopt the detachable wiring end.

Security Of Access Controller

1, All interface have transient voltage suppresser, which can protect to suppress the lightning, static and surge voltage or transient voltage caused by various kinds of unexpected reasons.

2, All relay contacts have contact protector, which can avoid the contacts damage under frequent movements of relay.

3, The controller has electronic watchdog, which can avoid the crash while the controller working.

Quality Management System

The products through the Patten Exam of China Security & Warning Electronic Quality Exam Center. No.030049, Beijing, MPS, China

Certificated by China'' National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories. CNACL No.0398

ISO9002 military production

Alarming Inter-Link DCU9019N 2 doors Access Controllers with RS485 communication
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