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Key Specifications
Laser sensor ATO-LASES-M8 for position measurement with optional NPN/PNP NO/NC output mode, thread size M8*1mm, protection class IP67.

ATO Laser Sensors has function of non-contact measurement. They detect objects independent of their characteristics (e.g., shape, color, surface structure, material). The basic operating principle is based on the transmission and reception of light. There are three different versions: 1. The through-beam laser sensor consists of two separate devices, a transmitter and a receiver that are aligned with one another. If the light beam between the two devices is interrupted, the switching output integrated into the receiver changes its status. 2. With the diffuse reflection laser sensor, the transmitter and receiver are in one device. The emitted light beam is reflected by the object that is to be detected. As soon as the receiver detects the reflected light, the switching output integrated into the device changes its status.

Tried-and-tested millions of times in daily use. ATO Laser Sensors are manufactured according to highest quality demands with regard to robustness, noise immunity and reliability. We offer you 12 months warranty for our product!
Shipping weight 2kg
Thread size M8*1mm
Detection of spot size 1mm
Detection mode * Diffuse reflection type, through beam type
Position detection range Diffuse reflection type: Sn=300mm, through beam type: Sn=50m
Output mode * NPN NO, NPN NC, PNP NO, PNP NC
Power supply 10-30VDC
No-load current <10mA
Maximum load current 150mA
Leakage current <0.01mA
Voltage drop <1V
Switching frequency 120Hz
Response time 0.1ms
Switching hysteresis <15% (sr)
Repeat accuracy <1.0% (sr)
Protection class IP67
Operating temperature -5~+50℃ (23~122℉)
Temperature drift <10% (sr)
Short circuit protection Yes
Indicator light Yes
Housing material 304 stainless steel (detector), plastic (connector protective sleeve)
Connection method Direct lead wire
Cable length 2m

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Lasor Sensor for 300mm/50m Position Measurement M8
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