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Key Specifications
Single phase to three phase vfd control the very basic parameters of motor, the frequency and speed to control the secondary characteristics like flux and torque. It achieves it by a rectifier inverter circuit.
2 hp single phase to three phase vfd takes incoming utility power and converts it to a variable voltage, variable frequency output for the speed control of motors. Typically the motors are standard induction motors, but newer designs work with permanent magnet synchronous motors as well.
An auto energy saving operation is available in vfd, which automatically controls the supply voltage to the motor to minimize the total power loss of motor and inverter. This feature may not be effective depending upon the motor or load characteristics. Therefore, we have checked the advantage of energy saving before actually applying this feature to our power system. This feature applies to constant speed operation only. During acceleration/deceleration, the inverter will run with manual torque boost or auto torque boost. If auto energy saving operation is enabled, the response to a change in motor speed may be slow. This feature may not be applicable for such a system that requires quick acceleration deceleration. The auto energy saving is used only where the base frequency is 60 Hz or lower. If the base frequency is set at 60 Hz or higher, there will be a little or no energy saving advantage.
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ATO 2 hp VFD, Single Phase to Three Phase VFD
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