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Key Specifications
400W 3000rpm ATO-BLDC-400R3 high torque Brushless DC Motor with Driver Speed Controller for automatic machinery, medical institutions, electronic equiment.

400W Brushless dc motor $269.08, maximum power up to 1.2kW, 24V/48V/72V/96V for your choice.
1. Brushless DC Motor has low interference, in addition to not use brush, the most immediate change is no brush spark generated when the motor running, thus greatly reduce the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment.

2. Low noise, smooth operation, brushless dc motor without using brush, less friction force during operation, smooth operation, low noise will be many.

3. Long life and low maintenance costs, no brush, bldc motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless dc motor is almost a free maintenance of the motor.

Speed driver controller
Speed/Current alike close loop technology, smooth rotation.
Pure hardware design, high-speed, high noise immunity.
F/R(forward / reverse control) Rotation, soft shift function.
Over current, short circuit protection (red LED indicator).

With Matched Gearbox and Brake, all can be customized as your requires.

View related bldc motor and controller video introduction on ATO Youtube Channel:
400W (1/2 hp) Brushless DC Motor 24V/48V/72V/96V 3000rpm
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