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Key Specifications
Touchless and Infrared Thermal Temperature Screening Face Recognition Terminal.


Touchless for Securer Identification - Equipped with new AI deep learning architecture and infrared live detection technology, FacePass 7 IRT provides 24/7 accurate identification and effectively prevents fake faces such as photos or videos.

Secure Identification in Various Environment and Conditions - With the verification of over one million faces around the world, FacePass 7 IRT has become one of the most accurate face recognition terminals suitable for various environment and conditions.

Quick and Accurate Body Temperature Detection.

Simply Look and Go - FacePass 7 IRT is equipped with a new Linux CPU, implementing a face-capturing of less than 1 second, and a recognition time within 0.5 seconds.

Most Secure-by Infrared Light Imaging Technology - Facepass 7 IRT is equipped with an Infrared live face detection camera and an Infrared thermal temperature detection camera to keep security of your business.
Anviz FacePass 7 IRT
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