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Key Specifications
The ED692 is a unique motion detector, utilizing a single passive infrared element and microwave technology. It is designed for outdoor use in severe climate conditions. The ED692 can also accommodate pets. High reliability is achieved by combining dual technology hardware and highly sophisticated software, greatly reducing the possibility of false alarms.


The ED692 features high reliability by PIR and microwave (10.525GHz). It features pet immunity up to 80 lb (36 kg). With a unique waterproof and sealed plastic design, it provides IP65-grade rainand dust-proofing, as well as front and back tamper protection. Meanwhile, it has anti-white light function up to 10,000 Lux. Its connector is placed outside of the housing, which is convenient for wiring. Its detection range is up to 39 feet (12 meters). Other features are PIR sensitivity and MW intensity adjustment, and high RFI/EMI immunity.

Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity ED692
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