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Key Specifications

The EP208 is a wired and wireless all-in-one alarm control panel which includes 8 wired zones and 16 wireless zones. With LED or LCD display optional and built-in auto dialer, it can meet both high- and middle-end requirements from customers. It features easy setting and also supports remote setting by phone.


The EP208 is a new model of intelligent alarm system with 16 wireless zones or 24 zones with 8 wired, LCD or LED display screen meets the different needs of customers. It adopts the ADEMCO 4+1/Contact ID communication protocol, so this control panel is compatible with all alarm centers. With built-in auto dialer, it transmits the alarm signal via PSTN in time. In order to avoid the alarm signal from being lost and delayed, users can set 7 receive phones, 2 for alarm center and 5 for phone. Once alarm occurred, the alarm system dials the 7 number in turn. With built-in siren with 80dB sound, the product intimidates the intruder effectively.

Besides, this alarm system features a built-in microphone, which records the alarm address and other information within 10 sec. From the beginning of the design, we consider some unexpected situations, like the AC power off, battery low-voltage & telephone line loss, making EP208 a reliable alarm system. The EP208 has a 800mA rechargeable backup battery, it supports control panel to work 8 hours continuously. Lastly, The EP208 has user-friendly installation with a removable base. This design provides time-saving and easy installation for any end user.

Alarm Control Panel EP208
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