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TRASSIR provides security solutions for PROFI Romania

TRASSIR provides security solutions for PROFI Romania

28 October 2019

TRASSIR has been chosen as the video surveillance solution by PROFI Romania. PROFI is a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores with significant number locations in Romania owned by Mid Europa Partners.

In 2019 the retailer became the first supermarket chain in the country with more than 1000 stores located in almost 500 localities in Romania.

The installation has been performed by our partners, AZITREND Distribution.

TRASSIR is installed in 80 retail stores throughout the country. Each of the objects features 24 surveillance cameras and 1 powerful TRASSIR server for video data processing. The total area per location covered by the video cameras is 500 m2 for each store. That is the area of 400,000 m2 in total.

The implemented TRASSIR project aimed to optimize the video control and monitoring activity. As a result, after installing TRASIR VMS the benefit of the centralized control is achieved. Using the existing control center TRASSIR ensures the coordination of the security activity in all the shops.

Remote monitoring via smart video surveillance combined with the local manned security services has allowed to add another powerful layer of protection for the premises.

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