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Security for ARABESQUE warehouses is powered by TRASSIR Neuro Detector

TRASSIR video surveillance and video analytics guard the safety of ARABESQUE storage facilities. Being amomg the leading companies on the local construction market, ARABESQUE is the largest distributor of construction and furnishing materials in Romania. It has 21 large warehouses that are situated throughout the country.

TRASSIR is installed in 33 warehouses. Each of the objects features 24 surveillance cameras and 1 powerful TRASSIR server for video data processing. The total area per location is 35,000 m2. While the area covered by the video cameras is 35,000 m2 for each store. That is the area of 825,000 m2 in total.

The project implemented using TRASSIR platform is focused on providing the solution for access control of both cars and people.

One of the important points is the task for effective perimeter control. Here is where TRASSIR advanced video analytics come into play. Intelligent TRASSIR Neuro Detector is using sophisticated algorithms to detect any intruder that enters the prohibited area. Since the system is based on neural networks it can easily identify the type of an object. This allows to significantly reduce the number of false alarms.

As soon as the smart analytics detects the violator it automatically sends the alerts to the security video control center. After operator confirms the alarm, the rapid response team is being sent immediately to the scene.

As a result, after installing TRASIR VMS and intelligent video analytics the costs for manned guarding have been reduced by over 30%.
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