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TRASSIR ensures security at ÖZDİLEK hypermarket in Mudanya

One of the leading companies in Turkey, the ?ZD?LEK Holding, has preferred TRASSIR video surveillance system for use in hypermarket in Bursa, Mudanya. The system has been provided by the Turkish exclusive distributor of TRASSIR solutions - PCC Elektronik and has been installed by HDH Teknoloji as the integrator.

The ?ZD?LEK Mudanya branch is focused at providing the popular textile, home textile, fresh food and personal care products to its customers. The store occupies an area of 4.630 m2 filled with thousands of different, high quality products.

106 cameras of the Mudanya branch of ?zdilek Holding retail chain have been added via ONVIF. The signal from the cameras is processed at the powerful TRASSIR Ultrastation NVR that is at core of the entire system. All of the video surveillance equipment is controlled by professional TRASSIR VMS.

Following the latest trends in global retail market, ?ZD?LEK has decided not to focus on proving the traditional security as the only goal. The company has opted to pursue the task of leveraging the maximum possibilities that modern technologies in video content analysis can provide.

Loss prevention is one of the issues that matters the most for retailers. The management of the company has set a task to employ effective tools to catch shoplifters and reduce shrinkage. TRASSIR Active POS intellectual cash control analytic detector made a perfect fit for this job.

All 10 POS-terminals located in the store are connected to powerful video analytics software. IBM-Toshiba POS system has been integrated with the TRASSIR VMS system for this project in a short time. As a result all activities and transactions performed by the staff at the cash registers are associated with the relevant video footage from the cameras.

Using such tight integration between the VMS and the trade system used in the store brings obvious benefits to the retailer. Finding any unwanted activity now is a snap for the security officers. Furthermore, TRASSIR Active POS detects all the suspicious incidents automatically and sends notifications to get the attention of the operator. Thus any kind of violation is immediately detected and supervised by the responsible staff.

Installing TRASSIR has allowed to solve the number of issues for the retailer:

- The areas where the hypermarket staff is located, the warehouse, the shelves, the corridors, the stands, the cash registers and the cashiers are being covered by video surveillance 24/7 providing total security for these critical points. The video is being constantly viewed and recorded to the archive.

- The responsible staff monitor the situation in the store in a monitoring room, seeing all channels on a video wall. Using smart video analytics enables the security officers to act immediately in case of any issues (accidents, proper fulfillment of the shelves in the store, emergency situations etc.)

- Shoplifters are avoided and eliminated. Video evidence can easily be acquired from the system if needed to help the security officers solve the situation.

- The loyalty of the staff is being monitored. Automatic notifications for all the issues and violations regarding the malicious transactions at the cash registers are sent to the security staff immediately.

As a result TRASSIR VMS and intellectual Active POS cash control video analytics ensure that the hypermarket owners will avoid any cases of theft both from the buyers and the own employees. This allows the retailer to significantly reduce the losses from retail shrinkage and increase the loyalty of the customers.
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