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TRASSIR sums up the results of participating in the major security international expo ISAF 2018

Exclusive distributor of TRASSIR produts on the territory of Turkey and Northern Cyprus, PCC Teknoloji has taken part in the International Security Technologies, Fire Protection and Safety as well as IT Security trade show ISAF 2018. The event took place from 11 to 14 October in Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) in Turkey.

PCC Teknoloji has been showcasing TRASSIR solutions and presented TRASSIR CCTV ecosystem to the visitors of the expo.

The main focus was placed on the company’s flagship product — professional VMS TRASSIR and intelligent Video Analytics modules. The visitors of the expo could see the work of selected TRASSIR Video Analytics solutions "live" on the company’s booth.

Demonstration of brand new Video Analytics from the team of TRASSIR developers has attracted the greatest interest of security industry professionals. This sophisticated Neuro Analytics solution is able not only flawlessly recognize the presence of a person in the frame on the video footage. TRASSIR’s new product is capable of determining the position of human hands or feet in space.

Hereby TRASSIR Video Analytics is now able to accurately determine whether a person is standing, sitting or lying. Or whether his hands are raised at the moment, for example. This approach makes it possible to identify different situations with the help of neural networks technologies used by TRASSIR developers to create this product. Now TRASSIR Video Analytics can effectively help to prevent robbery and other potentially dangerous situations.

After detecting the incident the system automatically sends a notification about the incident to the operator or security officer. This opens up great prospects for the application of TRASSIR solutions in a vast variety of areas.

At the moment the new Video Analytics is still being finalized and tested. Therefore, it is not yet available for purchase and is not yet available to a wide range of our partners.

However, another solution based on this technology has been already developed and released to market. It is called TRASSIR Human Detector. Basically this is Video Analytics that determines the presence of a person in the frame with very high accuracy.

The work of this module is based on the latest advancements in neural technologies. Using this approach TRASSIR Human Detector is able to distinguish and automatically detect different types of objects on video, such as people, cars and bicyclists.

A vast amount of guests from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iran visited TRASSIR booth during the exhibition. The main audience interested in TRASSIR video surveillance and Video Analytics solutions were representatives of government agencies, (in particular, the Ministry of Justice of Turkey), retail and large supermarket chains as well as construction and hotel business.

Many meetings with our potential partners were held at the expo. A preliminary agreement of intent was signed with ?zdilek, the world leader in the production of towels and textiles. The other major agreement reached during the exhibition grants that VMS TRASSIR will provide security at 8 major airports located in Turkey.

"The exhibition was very successful for us, — sums up Samir Akhmedov, Chief Business Development Officer of TRASSIR, a leading CCTV solutions developer. — We have reached several important agreements with new partners and will start working on new projects.

Having exchanged opinions with the security professionals during the exhibition, we were once again convinced that TRASSIR has chosen the right development strategy. When developing our video surveillance solutions we have focused our efforts on modern Video Analytics technologies.

When we communicated with our potential partners, I have repeatedly heard from them one thing. Most of them told me that the video surveillance system, which simply allows the operator to monitor what is happening and records video to the archive, is no longer of any interest. Customers need a product that has powerful video analytics capabilities. A product that allows you to automate the work using modern neural networks technologies. While at the same time it should be a solution that allows you to quickly scale the project if necessary.

TRASSIR meets these requirements perfectly well, combining all this functionality and offering it in a single solution. That is exactly what complete TRASSIR CCTV surveillance ecosystem is all about: provide our customers with an integrated unified solution to solve their video surveillance tasks.

Our clients in the Middle East appreciate our openness and ability to bring any, even the most complex project to life. Customers are impressed by our ability to be flexible, to be able to listen and hear the customer’s needs. Our customers do see that we bring new technologies to the country. They understand that we are here not just for one day. What our partners see is that we came here with serious intentions and are going to gain a foothold in the region for a long time. And that is exactly what we intend to do. TRASSIR has all the necessary resources to make it a reality. And we really appreciate all the trust that we have here from our customers and partners."

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