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TRASSIR ensures security in the stores of a major fashion retailer in Turkey

TRASSIR is installed at a major retail store chain which has hundreds of units throughout Turkey.
It is an excellent example of how TRASSIR solutions solve the tasks faced by companies engaged in retail trade.

TRASSIR professional video surveillance system provides security in all outlets of the retailer in Turkey. The project was implemented by the exclusive distributor of TRASSIR trademark in Turkey and Northern Cyprus — PCC Teknoloji.

One of the retailer's major goals is to improve the quality of retail store management. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to understand what is happening in each shopping facility at a certain point of time and control the basic business processes in the stores.

To solve this important task it is necessary to create a centralized video surveillance system and include retail outlets located in different cities of Turkey. The reliability and scalability of TRASSIR perfectly meet the strategic requirements of the company's management. That was clearly the decisive factor in making of the final decision.

TRASSIR professional video surveillance system is installed in more than 200 retail outlets located throughout Turkey. The project involves more than 200 Hikvision and Dunlop network video recorders. Each NVR receives video from 16 cameras. The total number of the video channels in the project exceeds 3200 channels!

All video data received by NVRs are transferred and processed on a powerful TRASSIR UltraStation server.

TRASSIR UltraStation acts as a central key node and basically the "brain" of the whole system in this project. It is a central monitoring station which receives video data from all video surveillance servers located in different locations.

The main result of using TRASSIR in the stores of the global fashion retailer is the possibility of centralized remote monitoring at various sales points using a modern video surveillance system. The solution proposed by TRASSIR allowed to make an efficient and cost-effective upgrade of the existing analog video surveillance system.

The technologies used by TRASSIR have made it possible to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

MultiStream multithreaded architecture of video data transmission was one of the key points that made the TRASSIR solution so effective. It allows for transmitting of the video signal as the main stream and sub-streams (sub-stream is a video stream with lower resolution) and provides the possibility to switch between these streams.

Using this advanced technology has made possible to achieve a substantial reduction in the requirements for computing power of equipment and channel capacity. Which in turn allowed to significantly reduce the total cost of IT-infrastructure.

We would like to thank our partner in Turkey, PCC Teknoloji, for all the efforts they have made in the course of the installation at such a large retail network. Our sincere congratulations on the successful completion of the project!

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