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TRASSIR Face Recognition makes the cost of face detection simple and predictable

Мodern video analytics technologies allow you to effectively solve various tasks in a wide variety of fields.

Different face recognition technologies are one of the most popular and demanded solutions in the field of video analytics on the market today. TRASSIR VMS has intellectual module called Face Recognition that is created exactly for that purpose. This intelligent video analytics solution allows you to perform face recognition on a pre-configured database in real time.

After analyzing the scenarios of using this analytical module by our customers, we decided to make changes to the pricing policy for our facial recognition solutions. Now there is no limit to the size of the database! Besides from now on it is possible to purchase a license for processing just one video channel. Customers can add additional channels later as needed. Using this approach allows your expenses for facial recognition system become simple and predictable.

The -d TRASSIR Face Recognition solution also includes all the features of the Face Search and Face Detector modules.

TRASSIR Face Search allows you to find a specific person in the archive by photo. The use of special intellectual search algorithms makes it possible to search for people by demographic characteristics (such as gender and age).

TRASSIR Face Detector is intended for detecting and tracking faces. It allows you to group all faces of people detected on video and determine all the moments of appearance in the field of view of the camera of a particular person. All the data from the database of detected persons can be downloaded from the archive later. Face Detector enables downloading the data for the selected time interval that is specified by the user.

TRASSIR Face Recognition works both as a part of one server solution and in a multi-server system with a single database of persons. It also has the ability to copy and synchronize the database of persons. This could come very handy for working with an unstable internet connection or when using low-bandwidth communication channel.

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