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TRASSIR provides security at Ambassadori casino in Tbilisi

TRASSIR video surveillance system is installed in the Ambassadori casino, one of the largest gambling establishments in Tbilisi.

Ensuring security in such an elite premium gambling club is an extremely difficult task. Quite not each security systems and CCTV solutions manufacturer is in a position to cope with it. Only the most serious software systems for video surveillance are ready to solve problems of such complexity level.

Having carefully studied all the solutions currently available on the market of security systems, the casino management has opted for TRASSIR professional video surveillance system. Professional selection and installation of equipment was made by our regional representative in Georgia — TRASS-j company.

Several hundreds CCTV-cameras are used at the facility to ensure the security in the casino as part of the hybrid video surveillance system. TRASSIR VMS will allow the casino administration organize the work of the gambling establishment via the Internet remotely. Ensuring the safety of visitors and staff and monitoring the work of their own employees at the same time.

Besides that fact TRASSIR provides solution to one of the main tasks - identification of cheats and all kinds of scams and the suppression of their activities.

It is known that the vigilance of the visitors vacationing in a casino is reduced. This fact significantly increases the risk of thefts of unattended mobile phones, money, documents, etc. Therefore it is necessary to ensure the safety of visitors and their property during a visit to the casino. The use of TRASSIR professional video surveillance system allows you to successfully solve all such issues.

TRASSIR video surveillance solution provides other significant benefits when used in a casino:

? Recording of thefts, robbery attempts and any other emergencies
? Recording any brawls involving customers or the staff of the casino
? Recording of acts of vandalism by visitors
? Possibility to provide video recording of any disputable situation in court
? Monitoring staff work remotely via the Internet

We wish Ambassadori casino further success in the development of gambling business and express our sincere gratitude for the choice of our solution!

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