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TRASSIR CCTV solutions in BURGER KING restaurants in Azerbaijan

TRASSIR is installed in the first restaurant of the world-famous fast food chain BURGER KING in Baku. The choice of security tools is an important decision. TRASSIR video surveillance ecosystem was chosen by franchise owners after a long time of preparatory work. This decision came as a result of careful research of the CCTV market and analysis of the competing solutions from different manufacturers.

Professional selection and installation of the equipment for video surveillance was performed by our regional representative — Vatech. TRASSIR IP cameras, TRASSIR miniNVR server and TRASSIR Video management system were the key elements used for this project.

Modern video analytics provided by TRASSIR is widely implemented in the project. TRASSIR ActivePOS cash control solution makes the work of the restaurant more efficient. This intelligent module is a flexible and highly effective tool for preventing and fixing errors and violations on the part of staff and visitors. ActivePOS automatically detects all potential violations and immediately notifies the operator. The module interface allows you to generate reports for each detector.

BURGER KING fast food chain has come to Azerbaijan in early 2018. This actively developing tourist region was chosen by BURGER KING as an object for further expansion on the territory of the CIS countries. The first restaurant is located on the food court of a large shopping center “28 Mall” in the very center of the city.

The company is going to open another 35 BURGER KING fast food restaurants in Azerbaijan. Another restaurant in the popular shopping mall will open in the near future. TRASSIR video surveillance system will take care of security in the new restaurant. While ActivePOS intellectual video analytics module will help to cut the costs from different personnel errors and violations.

We appreciate the choice of our TRASSIR video surveillance ecosystem as the primary CCTV solution and we wish BURGER KING franchise in Azerbaijan a successful future!
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