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IEMJ safeguards the precious Jewish musical heritage via two units of TS-879U-RP
Source: QNAP Security

According to the Law 1901 created in 2006 by the Foundation of French Judaism and Yuval Association, the European Institute of Jewish Music (l’Institut Européen des Musiques Juives, IEMJ) was established to safeguard the precious Jewish musical heritage and dedicated to inventory, preservation, dissemination and promotion for Jewish music.

With more than 5,000 hours of audio and video recordings, 80,000 pages of sheet music, artist’s monographs and rare documents, the IEMJ is constantly looking for any type of documents related to Jewish music through donation and purchase.

The action of IEMJ is not only to accumulate physical collection but also be dedicated in data digitization for Jewish heritage. Today the IEMJ is a large-scale resources center of Jewish music that is unique in Europe.

The physical collection, let’s say, the LP/CD recordings and composer’s rare documents are finite items in terms of permanent preservation. It is wise to reproduce these precious heritages into digital format for better preservation condition and sharing efficiency. Therefore, the IEMJ built a digitization studio to execute data digitization for a great number of documents, audio and videos.

At the beginning, the IEMJ drew more attention on digitization technology than the storage solution. The digital materials were separately archived in only 6 external hard drives. A multiplicity of copies exhausted the storage space of the external hard drives quickly with the fast growing digital data. Moreover, the external hard drives were accused of less data availability and lack of security as well. “Our project not just aims at achieving the zero-damaged preservation for Jewish musical heritage but also broadcasting the music to people. It is hard to say that the existing storage solution is a perfect solution,” the Director of the IEMJ, Hervé ROTEN, pointed out.

The existing storage solution leads to a high risk of losing data. As a result, the IEMJ started to look for an alternative solution to level up their data management. “All in all, we need a new handy device to save our precious data securely and safely, and ensure the high availability of our content,” said Hervé ROTEN. More than the basic storage features, Hervé ROTEN wished that the new solution could also provide easy operation experience and detailed system management information.

In order to implement a new storage solution that best met IEMJ’s needs, Hervé ROTEN consulted ComputerLand, an IT integrator in France, to build the framework of the storage system. The marketing and technical team of ComputerLand hosted a pre-action meeting to clarify the IEMJ’s practical needs and project constraints. “Our requirements were both technical and time-based. We need a solution that allows us to use easily and get familiar with quickly with affordable cost,” explained Hervé ROTEN. “In addition, we would like to build a solid connection between our database and our official website. The new solution should be capable of handling numerous, rigorous requests of data storage, backup and access.” In the end, they came to the conclusion that the QNAP NAS was a great option for IEMJ.

Inspired by ultra-high performance NAS

ComputerLand recommended 2 units of the TS-879U-RP as the turnkey solution for IEMJ. The TS-879U-RP is an 8-bay rackmount NAS equipped with the Dual Core Intel? Core? i3-2120 Processor, 4GB DDR3 memory to provide ultra-high performance. With the TS-879U-RP’s outstanding data throughput rate, IEMJ’s demanding data transfer requirements have been extremely satisfied. The performance of the TS-879U-RP stays constant even if many members connect to the TS-879U-RP and access the files. In addition, the user interface of the TS-879U-RP is easy to use. As a result, the IEMJ decided to centralize all the files to QNAP Turbo NAS for every user’s access.

Dispel the worry of data backup

Acting as a Jewish music protector and promoter, IEMJ adopted a zero-tolerance policy for data loss. Therefore, one of the TS-879U-RP is deployed as the backup server. Through QNAP’s RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) service, the main TS-879U-RP unit monitors the files and synchronizes to another TS-879U-RP unit to ensure continuity of IEMJ’s data in case of any disaster.

Built-in web server feature

Finally, the IEMJ extended TS-879U-RP’s application from merely file management to a website hosting service. The official website of IEMJ, which is hosted by the TS-879U-RP, has become the main source for the audience who is interested in Jewish music now. “Thanks to this turnkey solution ComputerLand recommended, there is a smooth connection between our data base and our official website. The TS-879U-RP serves as a data mediator for every internal/external data access request,” Hervé ROTEN concluded.

With the large storage capacity and solid file management of the TS-879U-RP, the IEMJ is ready for collecting more audio and video recordings. “The advantage of the QNAP Turbo NAS is that it only takes few minutes to get familiar with using its operation interface. We can easily find, share or backup files like a breeze.” Hervé ROTEN said.
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