Flash Drive USB Camera Ajoka spy camera pen USB Security camera

Source: Ajoka | Date: 04/27/2010
Thumbcorder ( AJ-024TC ) Is the smallest USB Spy Cam hands free Camcorder Mini DV in the world with built in 8Gb USB Flash Disk, Use it as a normal flash drive, spy pen camera in your pocket or simply hold it in your hand, take funny clips of your baby or party and upload them on Youtube. Real fun begins now.
Flash Drive USB Camera Ajoka spy camera pen USB Security camera.
Just slide the Switch to Rec . will start recording, just slide button to off to stop recording that's all... it will record sound and video.
View Recorded files.
Simply connect the mini DV Thumbcorder to any USB port of your computer and view or copy the files to view.

Use as USB Disk
Thumbcorder to the USB port of your computer, use as a normal USB Disk. it have 8 GB built in flash memory so store large movie or data on it.

Charging Thumbcorder.
Just connect to USB port, it will start charging automatically. You also can use a wall USB charger (not included)

Reset Button
If your Thumbercorder hangs and doesn't response, pls. press the Reset button (locked near the USB connector), with a pointed object like “Pen” thumbcorder will reset , now you are ready to work with it again.