Nedap Tracks H&M Goods and Protects Profits

As H&M continues its worldwide expansion this year, the fashion chain is looking to protect its profit with the help of Nedap Retail's smart Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions. To enhance the unique look and feel of its stores while vigorously guarding their merchandise, H&M chose to work with Nedap Retail because of its flexible, forward-thinking approach and its new Avant Guard design antenna.

Nedap Retail's approach to EAS is right in line with H&M's emphasis on high performance, design and quality. Nedap's new Avant Guard design antenna is fashionable and elegant, yet robust. H&M wants its store entrances to be an open invitation to potential customers. The Avant Guard design antenna fits in perfectly with this aim. When customers enter the store, their eyes are drawn to the collection rather than the security system.

H&M has opted to combine the Avant Guard antenna with Nedap's small, extra tamper-resistant ink tags, primarily because of their superior quality and reliability. Like all Nedap EAS solutions, the Avant Guard is eco-friendly and designed to save energy. Nedap systems consume up to 50 percent less energy than other leading brands. Both Nedap and H&M are working to reduce their carbon footprints and take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

Nedap Retail will equip all new H&M stores with Avant Guard antennas and refurbish existing stores when their EAS systems need replacing. Nedap Retail will also offer H&M global professional support through its worldwide network of business partners. The first stores boasting Avant Guard antennas have been installed in Europe, Asia and North America.

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