Ascom Provides Emergency Duress System to High Security Prison

Ascom Wireless Solutions, a supplier of on-site wireless communications, was selected by Kuopio Prison in Eastern Finland to be the system supplier of the Ascom telePROTECT duress solution for its new high security ward that will open during 2011.

When Kuopio decided to expand its premises building, a new closed ward with high security for 90 inmates, Ascom was selected as provider of their personal security system. Ascom telePROTECT provides highly accurate location based duress and personal security solutions for workers who are on a critical mission and at risk of attack or injury due to their roles. The new ward will be the entry point for inmates in eastern Finland and will employ 60 warders.

Olli-Pekka Sorvari, Criminal Ward Chief Supervisor and Technical Supervisor of the system, has 30 years of experience from secure establishment installations in Finland:

“We choose Ascom telePROTECT duress system because of its technically advanced functionality and design. With Ascom we know from experience that we will have a 100 percent operating system,” Sorvari said. “This is of highest importance for our operation.”

The installation of the security system will start during June and will include some 100 units of Ascom a71 advanced pagers that will be managed from the central security desk and also connected with the surveillance camera and door system. The telePROTECT paging units are also connected to external alarms, like fixed alarms in offices, kitchen facilities and more. The operating client is managed via Ascom Centralized Management system.

The installation will be handled by Niscayah, a security integrator who offers complete security solutions for customers with high security demands like prisons. Niscayah has a broad experience from installing Ascom systems and has a sales partnership with Ascom in both Finland and Sweden. The majority of the security systems in the two countries are supplied by Niscayah.

With Ascom telePROTECT, Kuopio will create a secure ambient for the staff and the duress system also helps improve the security for people in lone working situations. The goal is that it should never take more than 20 seconds from when an alarm is sent until the rescue team should be in place. Lone workers become more and more common due to cost efficiency programs at most sites.

“It will be mandatory for all staff to have personalized paging units with location functionality,” Sorvari said. “This gives us the opportunity of sending out individual information to all employees. When a warder starts a shift he or she can easily see who is working and their current positions. With Ascom telePROTECT we can also provide visitors with alarm units to make sure they feel safe if they are exposed to a threatening situation. As the alarm unit is very easy to use it only takes two minutes to give visitor instructions on how to send an alarm.”

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