CitySync ALPR Barrier Manages UK Hospital Parking Lot

The Wales NHS Trust Singleton Hospital in Swansea is using a new ALPR barrier control system to manage the parking problems with their staff car park.

Previously, the hospital used a swipe card system to allow staff free parking. Unfortunately, the system was being abused with people lending their swipe card to friends to give them access to free parking or parking in there on a day off to go shopping. The expense and difficulty to locate and enforce fines on target vehicles were causing major problems to the management.

Insight Intelligent Vision implemented a CitySync ALPR system with FAAC barriers on all entry and exit points to the staff car park. Insight installed JetCam Bollards and JetBase ALPR software to manage and control staff access rights. The existing permit database was then imported in to the ALPR system. This allows permitted vehicles access to the site automatically as and when required, eliminating the need for access cards and parking permits. The centralized database currently holds in excess of 2500 records and is due to be integrated with five other hospitals in the Wales NHS Trust.

The existing intercom system was retained and manual overrides were included to allow manual operation of the barrier system.

John O'Connell of Insight Intelligent Vision said: “Installing the ALPR system has made it so much easier to manage the parking at Singleton Hospital. The Head of Security is very impressed with the new system."

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