European Police Agency Deploys Aware Biometric Software to Optimize Investigation

Aware, a provider of imaging and biometrics software, has supplied its biometric services software platform to a large European police agency analogous to the U.S. FBI. The solution is a web services-based biometric application server software product being used by the police agency for several centralized biometric applications. One workflow application is used to screen and convert incoming digital fingerprint records from external sources such as INTERPOL and the FBI into their domestic format. Fingerprint records that cannot be completely converted automatically are stored, and an Aware software application is used to manually edit them.

The same platform also enables more than 200 remote state police facilities with highly secure, searchable access to fingerprint image records stored in the system. The platform securely distributes Aware's fingerprint search-and-view application to authorized investigators, who then use it to locate criminal fingerprint image records in the system. Advanced viewing tools are used to analyze the fingerprint images in the records, providing visual comparison to other fingerprint images. The software also generates PDF documents containing the fingerprint images of the record, which investigators can print locally in a familiar layout.

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