APL to Distribute Global Rainmakers Iris-Based Security Technology

Global Rainmakers, (GRI), an intellectual property holding company and advanced R&D laboratory, announced a nonexclusive channel distribution partnership with Arizona-based APL Access & Security (APL), to resell and integrate Global Rainmakers biometrics technology into their access control and security business throughout the U.S.

APL currently provides integrated security offerings to their clients, which are in the commercial, industrial, and government sectors including the US Border Patrol Headquarters, US Customs & Border Protection Internal Affairs, ATF, Department of Energy, Department of Veterans Affairs, INS/ICE, Arizona Cardinals, Frito Lay, Orbital Sciences Corporation, City of Chandler, University Medical Center, W.L. Gore & Associates, Sanofi-Aventis US, Safeway, Abbott Laboratories, and many more.

Global Rainmakers has created a suite of biometric products that meets the demands of APL's clients in all sectors. The company's biometrics products are designed to recognize humans based on one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits, in this instance iris recognition. Generally, biometric solutions are often leveraged in identity access management and control systems. GRI's iris platform provides the foundation to service billions of users across a global scale by leveraging proprietary image capture and matching technologies in a cost-efficient, easy to install and use fashion.

"Global Rainmakers' iris biometrics security offering will be a key differentiator for any integrator to provide tokenless access control," said Hector Hoyos, CEO of Global Rainmakers. "APL understood and appreciated the flexibility, scalability, and value that our HBOX technology can provide to any type of client regardless of throughput constraints."

APL employees will be trained at the Global Rainmakers headquarters in New York to learn how to use, install, integrate and maintain the new technology. APL will resell and integrate Global Rainmakers' technology into larger and more complex systems that will be used throughout the U.S.

"Having worked with some of the nation's largest companies and most demanding governmental clients, it is clear that Global Rainmakers' technology surpasses all other offerings in the market in terms of throughput, stability and all other key metrics," said Henry Olivares, VP of Finance for APL.

Under the terms of the relationship, APL has already slated Global Rainmakers' technology for inclusion in a high-profile project within the financial services market. Installation is projected to begin in September 2010.

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