Norbain to Distibute Geoquip Perimeter Solutions in the UK

Norbain has secured an exclusive agreement with Geoquip, a leader in the design, development and manufacture of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems. The company offers a wide range of intruder detection systems, including the industry-leading Guardwire and Defensor products. With their patented magnetic sensor cable, Guardwire and Defensor can dramatically reduce any false alarm rate and provide an early warning of attack, which can be easily integrated with video surveillance, intruder detection or annunciation systems. Both Guardwire and Defensor are available in cost-effective kit-form variants.

Bernie Alphonso of Geoquip said, “Norbain's philosophies align very closely with our own and they consistently provide our customers with the high levels of service we demand. As with Geoquip, they are a technology leader and they have a very solid logistics arm that allows us a wide geographical reach.”

David Kelly, Divisional Director of Intruder Products for Norbain, said, “Geoquip allows us to offer our customers a wide range of detection systems to suit just about every budget and application. In addition, they provide design, manufacture, logistic and engineering support at every step of major projects.”

Other popular products include Impactor, a cost-effective internal detection system, designed specifically to respond to attacks on the walls of warehouses, storerooms, vaults and similar goods storage facilities. GeoZone offers a cost-effective solution providing combined cut-and-climb detection targeted for use on chain link and semi-rigid fencing.

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