TrafficLand Integrates American Highways Traffic Cameras Network

TrafficLand, the largest authorized aggregator of live traffic video in the U.S., completed integration of 368 New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) traffic cameras into its national network.

TrafficLand was awarded a contract to act as the primary distribution point for third-party access to New Jersey state traffic camera video. Commuters, public safety agencies and the media can access the traffic video from New Jersey state traveler information websites, TrafficLand's public website and from specialized products offered by TrafficLand and others for media, public safety and mobile applications.

“Timely, accurate information about traffic conditions plays a very important part in solving the growing problem of traffic congestion,” said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand. “We're working with more than 50 Departments of Transportation across the U.S. to help our DOT partners and others make sure real-time traffic video is available when the driving public, media, first responders and others need it.”

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