G4S Justice Services Selects PerSay Voice Biometrics for Corrections

G4S Justice Services, an international electronic monitoring group announced that it has selected PerSay as its voice biometrics technology vendor. G4S Justice Services has deployed PerSay's voice biometrics platform in electronic monitoring projects around the world. The selection was announced following a thorough selection process and was based on PerSay's superior technology and distinct field experience.

Voice biometrics technology plays a critical role in enhancing electronic monitoring solutions and services. It can be utilized in-lieu of or with traditional ankle bracelet-based solutions for monitoring offenders under home arrest or other court ordered supervision program. Upon a court order, using voice biometrics is cost-effective and convenient to both the agency as well as to the party being monitored.

"We found PerSay VocalPassword to be the most suitable product for our customers' needs and solutions," said Michael Janney, VP of Information Technology for G4S Justice Services. "VocalPassword's accuracy, algorithmic flexibility, features, and security, enable us and our global service partners to quickly deploy and integrate it with our services and existing Web-based platform. The innovation behind VocalPassword architecture will equip G4S Justice Services LLC, with a unique ability to mitigate risks and comply with high levels of standards and requirements while providing the flexibility to customize the voice solutions to meet each customer's needs."

"We're proud to be selected by G4S Justice Services," said Ariel Freidenberg, EVP Global Sales and Business Development at PerSay, "G4S Justice Services' leading brand and global presence provides PerSay with access to additional markets. Coupled with location information, our language and accent independent voice biometrics technology delivers foolproof, secure and cost-effective verification of a target's presence in real time. A sophisticated use of VocalPassword text-dependent, text-independent, and text-prompted engines delivers an optimal solution for electronic monitoring".

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