PIPS ANPR Technology Helps UK Police Monitor Traffic Violations

PIPS Technology has supplied Devon and Cornwall Constabulary with further automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to improve their existing security system, in and around the counties.

The system, originally put into place in 2006, has been extended to offer the ANPR capability across more of the road network. PIPS supplied their ANPR cameras to the police force to monitor points throughout Devon and Cornwall.

The cameras are able to monitor routes around the counties and inform the control room to any vehicles of interest that may have been involved in criminality. When a vehicle of interest passes one of the cameras, the Devon and Cornwall control room is alerted and an Interceptor Vehicle can be dispatched to the exact location to further investigate the vehicle in question.

The system is also able to help the Police with intelligence gathering for their Counter Terrorism policy as well as providing safety coverage for the 2012 Olympic Games, by providing advanced warning of cross border criminals. The Devon and Cornwall system is linked to the National ANPR Data Centre which allows the force to track criminals nationally, denying them the use of the roads.

Along with fixed site cameras, PIPS has also supplied a number of Devon and Cornwall's vehicle fleet with a mobile system for monitoring vehicles while on the move. A camera and PIPS ANPR graphic interface system software is installed in each of the vehicles and will alert the driver to any vehicles of interest that pass its field of view.

Stephen Innes, ANPR Manager at Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, said, "Extending the network is something that we have been planning to do for some time, and PIPS cameras are able to provide us with the high capture rates desired for this type of deployment."

Paul Negus, PIPS' MD, said "PIPS won the Devon and Cornwall Framework Agreement in 2005, to provide in-vehicle, fixed and portable ANPR equipment to a number of Police forces. The equipment's high performance levels meant that PIPS were the best choice for Devon and Cornwall when they decided to expand their fixed site infrastructure. We are very happy that Devon and Cornwall Constabulary has decided to continue with the agreement."

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