Assa Locking Systems Secure UK Primary School

Assa, a manufacturer of ironmongery and door hardware within the education sector, was the primary choice to secure the US$8.97 million St Luke's CE School.

With more than 400 students, St Luke's, in Wolverhampton, is the first of its kind in the U.K. to be awarded a BRE Environmental Assessment Method rating of ‘Excellent' for the sustainable design and environmental performance of its all-timber construction.

In addition to the inclusion of door furniture and ironmongery throughout the nursery and primary school, the Assa key locking system was integrated. The range features patent protection to prevent the duplication of keys, incorporating technology to also ensure significant pick resistance.

Vital to aid security at the site, the new system provides keyholders with convenience of movement within designated areas. To complement a new access control system, Assa electric strike plates were used within the main entrance including the nursery.

External doors play a pivotal role in any primary school security system. Not only do they serve to keep children in school, they also work to keep intruders out. To ensure that all escape doors relock automatically and are secure from the outside, all external doors feature either high security Assa 1820 panic bolts, which incorporate two points of locking, a top lock for overnight security and a bottom lock for emergency use.

Panic equipment or escape locks feature a door hold-back facility, useful at break times, while external doors also incorporate door closers and finger protection.

All internal doors were fitted with products from the Assa classroom locks range, which have been specifically designed to meet schools' needs. From this range, Assa lock case was used at St Luke's, providing a high level of security and automatic locking, combined with tamper-resistant capability.

Assa's elegance range of finger protection guards serve to prevent accidental injury. Ideal for protecting young children's fingers from harm, products in the range protect either the closing or opening face of the door and feature a folding gasket.

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