US Casino Bets on Optelecom-NKF Surveillance Solutions

Being able to relax at a resort in the free time entails feeling safe. That's why the Spirit Mountain Casino, located in the state of Oregon in the US, wanted to ensure the quality and reliability of its surveillance system as it started to expand in early 2007.

The gaming facility planned to enhance its complex with an array of event/entertainment centers, conference rooms, and administrative offices as well as a youth center, all of which would encompass more than 130,000 square feet. This extensive project entailed overhauling their current video network system. More than 1,000 surveillance cameras would be added to the casino's existing system and the original surveillance control room would be moved to a new location 800 feet away.

To ensure the success of this augmented video network system, the Spirit Mountain Casino chose to work with a Washington state integrator, Technical Security Integration (TSI) that specializes in the installation and design of surveillance and safety systems for applications involving surveillance, access control, sound, and burglar and fire alarms.

It was decided that fiber optic cable should be used as the primary network connection medium in an effort to prevent many of the challenges inherent in coaxial and twisted pair cabling constructions, such as electrical ground loops. The use of fiber also made it possible to avoid signal degradation over longer distances and it dramatically decreased the total size of the cabling bundles between the new control room and the old one as well as between the multiple IDF closets.

The Spirit Mountain Casino and TSI chose Optelecom-NKF, a supplier of video surveillance solutions, to work with them to realize the system's myriad real-time media streams and connections. Renowned for its fiber, IP, and hybrid systems, Optelecom-NKF provided the project with a complete solution for transmitting all the video, audio, and data information over multimode fiber.

Craig Swankosky, President of Technical Security Integration, said, “Optelecom-NKF is easy to do business with. TSI has had great experience working with Optelecom-NKF over the years, partially because of the breadth of their solutions. These systems not only allow for high-quality transmission without interference but also the ability for trouble-free expansion for future casino projects.”

Consequently, the Spirit Mountain Casino can rest assured that their visitors are protected 24/7, 365 days a year. As Steve Bobb, Surveillance Director for Spirit Mountain Casino, pointed out, “Most importantly, we have had zero failures with Optelecom-NKF's products.”

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