Iscon Thermal Imaging Scans Prisoners for Suspicious Objects

A US correctional facility deployed Iscon's thermo-conductive scanner technology, which quickly identifies whether prisoners have hidden any weapons, drugs, cell phones or other contraband under their clothes.

The new system, which doesn't emit radiation or penetrate beneath the clothes, will be used to screen prisoners traveling to and from the courthouse or from work outside the facility.

The Iscon system is a whole-body imager that reveals the thermal imprint of any object below the clothes including thin plastics, wood, metal, ceramics, paper and especially drugs or other powdered substances.

"Smuggling drugs and weapons is a significant problem within the U.S. prison system," said founder and President Izrail Gorian. "Our advanced imaging technology is less expensive than many whole-body solutions and in tests was more effective in detecting contraband items."

The jail will also augment the full-body scanner system with Iscon's "GameChangeIR." This system is portable and can be used to further inspect people in "sensitive" hiding places.

"The technology is based on breaking the established thermal balance between clothes and a hidden object and that difference shows up as a thermal IR image on our video monitoring screen," Gorian said. "In addition to being highly effective for prisoner and courtroom scanning, the system doesn't emit any radiation and doesn't penetrate clothing so there are no privacy issues. The Iscon system can also be used in commercial security areas, airports and other security sensitive areas.

The GameChangeIR consists of an imaging display terminal as well as the specially designed IR scanner and platform for people to be checked. The system's power requirements can easily be adapted using converters or necessary transformers.

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