Russian Airport Deploys Era Surface Surveillance Solution

Era, a subsidiary of SRA International,announced that Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant (LEMZ) has selected Era to deploy a surface surveillance solution at Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport. The solution will utilize Era's multilateration and ADS-B system, as well as 150 vehicle tracking units, and will be integrated into an advanced surface movement guidance and control system.

Domodedovo International Airport, the Russian Federation's largest airport, has seen an annual passenger increase of 28 percent since 2000. Due to this rapid expansion, airport officials have sought infrastructure enhancements that would not only increase passenger satisfaction, but also increase the safety and efficiency of ground operations.

"Our strong partnership with LEMZ has been instrumental in this very important and strategic win for Era in the Russian market. This will be the first multilateration surveillance system deployed in the Russian Federation," said Era Systems Corporation Senior VP Kevin Layton. "Era will now be the first and only company with a certification from Russian Federation authorities for multilateration surveillance systems."

Era's commercial-off-the-shelf multilateration system and Squid units will enhance the safety of all ground traffic on Domedodovo's surface. For tower controllers, the system will provide accurate, reliable and automatic identification of aircraft and vehicles around all movement areas, in all weather conditions. The scalability of Era's multilateration system will allow for future expansion to provide surveillance in the Moscow terminal maneuvering area.

"Our decision to use Era was based not only on their reputation for high-quality and reliability, but also their proven ability to integrate terminal surveillance systems with surface surveillance systems," said LEMZ CEO Gennady Bendersky. "As air traffic continues to increase in the Russian Federation, Era's multilateration system will be integral for Domodedovo's continued safety and will help to improve the airport's overall efficiency."

Era's multilateration solution provides higher accuracy, faster update rates, better coverage and improved reliability when compared to conventional radar, at a much lower initial cost and with lower annual maintenance and support costs. Era's products are deployed in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

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