CEM Access Control Solutions Secure Nigeria Financing Organization

CEM Systems , part of Tyco Security Products, has announced that the CEM security management system has been chosen to secure access to the Ministry of Finance building, Nigeria. The contract was awarded to CEM approved reseller, Acti-Tech.

The Ministry of Finance, Nigeria oversees various financial and economic affairs of the federal government of Nigeria including managing, controlling, and monitoring all federal revenues and expenditures.

"CEM Systems offered great support throughout the project and provided an excellent solution to secure the Ministry of Finance", said Peter Madu, MD of Acti-Tech. "The fully integrated solution will allow the premises to run effectively and efficiently with the highest of security measures."

The management system offers the Ministry of Finance a fully integrated and comprehensive access control, alarms processing, and photo ID badging system. The solution comes with a suite of applications including Visual Imaging Pass Production System (VIPPS) which the Ministry of Finance found particularly beneficial. VIPPS application allows the Ministry of Finance to design their own ID badges and issue more than 1500 permanent and temporary ID cards to staff and visitors.

A range of CEM IP card readers were installed throughout the building, including the CEM fingerprint card reader. The fingerprint reader offers increased security by providing three levels of identity checks, ID card authentication, PIN check and fingerprint verification. The reader allows the Ministry of Finance the opportunity to add an additional layer of biometric security where necessary.

Featuring a controller, card reader, and fingerprint solution in one device, the device is a fully integrated biometric and access control reader that is used as part of the management system. Fingerprint templates are captured on the system enrolment station at the same time as a cardholder's personnel details and images are captured and are then saved to the system server. Cards can then be issued and biometric templates distributed via the access control network, eliminating the need for an additional biometric network and software enrolment process.

The fingerprint reader offers advanced features such as an LCD to show user messages such as ‘Access Granted', 'Card Expiring', and ‘Wrong TimeZone'. The reader also features an internal database enabling intelligent decision making at doors at all times; even when communication has been temporarily lost with the host system.

"The management system provides a flexible and highly stable solution for installations where security is of paramount importance; it is perfect for the Ministry of Finance", said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director, CEM Systems. "Utilizing CEM's advanced range of hardware, the Ministry of Finance also chose CEM's high power over Ethernet solution, the first of its kind in the industry."

The CEM High PoE door interface unit eliminates the need for both a main connection and a local power supply to the door. Utilizing Ethernet infrastructure throughout the Ministry of Finance, the unit supplies sufficient power via the same Cat 5e/6 cable that powers CEM card readers, as well as reliably powers double magnetic locks that secure the doors.

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