New Jersey Police Department Deploys ICOP's Wireless Video Systems

ICOP Digital, a company engaged in advancing mobile video solutions, announced that the Newark Police Department has placed its initial order for in-car video systems and back-end infrastructure for all the precinct locations throughout the city. The decision by the police department comes after over eighteen months of successful field testing with ICOP units in both a patrol vehicle as well as a motorcycle.

Newark will initially outfit 53 patrol vehicles with the ICOP systems. At each of the five precincts as well as police headquarters, servers and wireless access points will be installed for video upload and data storage. The police department will utilize ICOP's 802.11n wireless transfer technology, with some of the fastest wireless data transfer rates in the industry. The Agency also intends to implement ICOP LIVE, which will provide situational awareness and tactical oversight during critical situations.

"We at ICOP are excited about the opportunity to work with a marquee agency such as the Newark Police Department. Based on the city's size, location, and amount of critical infrastructure, it is an important part of the nation's fight on terrorism," said Dave Owen, CEO of ICOP Digital. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, and is home to transportation facilities such as the Port of Newark, Newark International airport, and Newark Penn Station.

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