CCTV Center to Distribute FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

CCTV Center has been appointed as a distributor for FLIR Commercial Video Systems. FLIR is widely recognized as a provider of thermal imaging cameras and sees its new partnership with CCTV Center as a great opportunity to introduce thermal imaging systems to professional security integrators.

FLIR Systems UK Business Development Manager Ashley Wyton said: "We have been hearing great things about how CCTV Center works with integrators on CCTV and network surveillance projects for the past few years. We also know that CCTV Center only supplies leading brand equipment. We are very excited that the opportunity has now arisen for us to work together to help integrators with reliable, effective and professional thermal imaging systems."

Thermal security cameras make images from the heat energy that is around us all the time, not from reflected visible light, giving users true 24/7 imaging capability without lights or illuminators.

Thermal imaging is particularly effective for perimeter surveillance and intruder detection, and can be combined with surveillance solutions.

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