AVerMedia Secures Banks in Kenya

The surveillance system of a bank not only aids crime investigation, prevent check fraud and robbery. It also provides a sense of security and boosts the confidence of customers coming in and out of the bank.

Working closely with a local partner, AVerMedia's hybrid embedded DVR was chosen to meet the upgraded security standard of banks in Kenya. The DVRs were strategically placed, in accordance with existing analog cameras, throughout the branches. It adopts H.264 compression technology for longer hours of data storage. The DVR integrates PoS data for headquarters, local branches and ATMs. It provides individual adjustable resolution for critical areas.

However, securing a bank with number of branches and ATMs located throughout the country requires more than just reliable DVRs; it takes seamless coordination within the surveillance system. An AVerMedia central management system integrates all surveillance data from scattered cameras through the Internet to one central monitoring station. Central staff then preset the User Management option to different authorization access modes according to the user's position. The security and management personnel are able to search surveillance footage for specific bank transactions and images of a particular individual by date/time/incidence with greater ease and speed.

Banks often have restricted areas and most ATMs run 24 hours a day. Therefore the analytic abilities of the CMS include motion detection for unusual activities during and outside working hours, alarm configuration for different conditions and different forms of alarm notification. The E-Map allows for easy identification of the incidence, which has provided a valuable solution to the client.

By selecting a hybrid DVR, the banks also leave the option available for future network cameras. The embedded DVR supports more than 60 network camera brands, with up to 500 models, making expansion easier.

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