ipConfigure Manages Video for Texas School District

ipConfigure announced its flagship product surveillance management was chosen by Wall Independent School District (ISD) of Texas over an existing solution because of its ease of use and the company's excellent customer support. The district encompasses a high school, middle school, elementary school and an alternative school on four campuses. It serves more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff and has a strong reputation for academic and athletic excellence.

Suzette McIntyre, Technology Director for Wall ISD, said, "Wall Independent School District implemented a security system with management software other than ipConfigure. After many unsolvable issues, Wall changed to the ipConfigure surveillance management. Since installing this solution, all previous issues are nonexistent. The management was easy to configure, user-friendly and is by far a superior product to others tested by Wall. This solution offers numerous features, and integration with our cameras and servers was seamless. The quality of their tech support is supreme to others. If you are looking for an easy to manage, uncomplicated security surveillance management system, I highly recommend the ipConfigure solution".

The system is an enterprise-class video surveillance management and recording application designed to operate with commercial off-the-shelf network cameras, servers, switches and storage. Through an HTML interface both users and administrators can access the system from any network computer through a secure SSL encrypted log-in. Based on a scalable SQL database engine, the solution has the ability to seamlessly support unlimited cameras, locations, and users across a distributed infrastructure while offering hardware independence and centralized management. As an HTML-based application, the system removes the need to install or license client software to access live or recorded video across the enterprise.
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