PIPS LPR Cameras Deployed for Thailand Highway Project

Federal Signal Technologies' group company PIPS Technology Limited (PIPS), a provider of camera technology, entered into a contract with Konlakorn Limited of Bangkok to supply PIPS' latest integrated LPR camera technology for the Government of Thailand's Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Systems project.

The initial order value of US$0.5 million for delivery and installation by October 2010 is expected to lead to revenue of up to $6 million over the next three years as Konlakorn expands the EVR project nationwide in Thailand.

The Thailand EVR project is expected to utilize hundreds of PIPS cameras over the next several years. The cameras will be deployed on highway gantries alongside Federal Signal Technologies' tag readers already being supplied for the project through Sirit's partner, MIKOH (AVI), a subsidiary of MIKOH. The EVR project is also expected to use more than 30 million Sirit tags.

"We are excited to supply PIPS' best-in-class camera technology to Somapa for the Government of Thailand's EVR project," said William Osborne, Federal Signal's President and CEO. "Assuring a truly secure EVR system through the use of Sirit's tags and readers was key to the first stage of Federal Signal Technologies' involvement in this project. Now, the addition of PIPS' ALPR cameras will further contribute to the EVR project's data collection performance and integrity for vehicle registration, insurance and other compliance matters. It also offers an opportunity to contribute substantially to national security."

The challenge met by PIPS Technology was to provide a reliable, secure and affordable solution. After researching and testing various options, it became clear that PIPS' integrated ALPR camera products were perfect for the task.

PIPS' ALPR cameras are already widely used in around 40 countries worldwide for policing and security in addition to numerous road-user charging, tolling and EVR applications. These include London's congestion charging scheme and the pioneering Bermuda EVR system.

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