3M Awarded ID Contract for Arkansas Driver Licenses

3M Security Systems Division has been awarded a seven-year contract by the state of Arkansas to provide an end-to-end solution for the state's drivers' licenses. Under the agreement, the company will provide services in enrollment (including biometric capture), entitlement and personalization of licenses, as well as training for state employees, and service and maintenance of the system.

"This system gives us a full solution for the efficient issuance of secure drivers' licenses," said Tonie Shields, Administrator, Office of Driver Services, Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. "3M has proven capabilities to effectively integrate the necessary components for this system, from beginning to end."

As a state that employs an over-the-counter issuance process, Arkansas will produce drivers' licenses on site at DMV facilities and provide them to applicants on the same day they apply. 3M will provide the necessary tools for DMV sites to complete this procedure, including:
* Enrollment software, for which 3M created an intuitive interface that is simple for state employees to learn and use
* Entitlement software that vets applicants against government databases
* Data capture tools to obtain fingerprints and facial photographs for 1:1 and 1:N identification and verification
* Biographic tools for the applicant's signature, address and name
* Data capture (applicant's height, weight and more) for personalization of the applicant's document

Once this information is captured, 3M's system transfers the necessary data to the facility's card printer, where it is printed, security features are added and the card is given to the applicant. In the event that employees need assistance with the system, 3M will provide a 1 to 800 number for service, as well as maintenance technicians who will be located throughout the state. The company is also designing the training procedures to be used for employees, with customized offerings appropriate to each individual's position. 3M also offers a personalization facility to produce cards for the state that meet REAL ID requirements.

"3M has been a long-time provider of security materials to the U.S. drivers' license market, and with this win we are now using our broad capabilities to provide a total solution," said Clint Hinze, Business Development Manager for the US driver's license market, 3M Security Systems.

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