Taipei Airport Soars with Instek Digital Surveillance System

Taipei Airport Soars with Instek Digital Surveillance System

Instek Digital , a manufacturer of digital surveillance systems, announced its video surveillance products have been chosen by Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan's premier international airport. A combination of more than 500 cameras alongside the CMS and many high-performance storage units will be installed at Taoyuan Airport's Terminal 2. The company has already demonstrated its reliability for such high profile installations at Sofia airport in Europe, adding to its reputation of offering dependable digital video solutions which require mission critical video surveillance.

"Our system was chosen by the airport authorities because of its consistently better product quality, distributed architecture and enterprise-class recording and management features," said Albert Pan, CEO of Instek Digital. "The airport needed a solution that offers stability and performance combined with ease of use, and we deliver on all counts."

The solution in place at the airport's second terminal connects a combination of analog and network cameras to sophisticated rack-mountable video servers that forward the video streams to the highly specialized Linux-embedded recording system. The use of these video servers coupled with automatic failover provides 24/7 high availability video recording for analog and network cameras, allowing simultaneous live view and playback, as well as instant access to archived video.

To improve airport safety, monitoring speed has been improved with the implementation of forensic and real-time video analytics. Events that take place on any of the configured cameras will send an alert message to the operator reducing response time and thus increasing security. In the event that operators wish to view a scenario that occurred earlier, forensic smart search and playback can be used to find a variety of different types of situations.

"Airport security has become more and more of a hot topic," Pan said, "and the intelligent features in our software are able to detect dangers such as left bags or items, alerting security personnel much quicker than ever before."

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