Bosch Equips Thai Convention Center with Surveillance and Communication Systems

Bosch Equips Thai Convention Center with Surveillance and Communication Systems

Bosch Security Systems, a supplier of comprehensive physical security solutions, was granted a contract from Thailand Prince of Songkla University International Conference Center (PSUICC), the largest venue in southern Thailand.

PSUICC was established in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne. It is Thailand's latest convention center and the largest in the country's southern region. It is situated within the Hatyai campus of Prince of Songkla University and located just nine kilometers from Hatyai International Airport. The conventional center is also in close proximity to the full spectrum of modern amenities and features southern style architecture.

The convention center provides an international-scale convention center, which can host a range of large local and international events. Security and communication systems were essential to protect guests for big events.

In conjunction with the Bosch partner Libra Network and Security, PSUICC chose Bosch security and communication systems.

The purpose of the surveillance system is to observe, recognize and identify everyone in the area. Therefore, recorded images are relayed to the control room, where they are displayed on a video wall for the people. The system provides a complete overview, with the help of 19 network cameras, 27 dome cameras as well as 47 other cameras. All footage is stored to two DVRs and managed by two controllers. Security operators can zoom in on specific situations or areas, then decide what measures should be taken.

Full control of meetings and discussions without being dependent on any operator is provided by DCN wireless systems consisting of eight basic central control units, 80 basic units and eight chairman units in every conference room. The system can be easily extended and provides ease of use for every of its various functions, its unique features as well as its state-of-the-art system.

PSUICC is pleased with the benefits of this flexible and easy-to-use conference and surveillance system, which helps facilitate the numerous meetings at the center.

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