Chilean Airport Logistics Take Flight with VIVOTEK Network Cameras

Aerosan Airport Services offers warehouse and operations logistics services to airports in Chile. The project, presented by VIVOTEK's Chilean distributor INFOKRAUSE, is a value-added airport service which allows customers to access the Aerosan surveillance system via the Internet and mobile network to view their goods handling and delivery process. This idea is made possible with IP surveillance technology.

Aerosan Airport Services began operating at the airport Arturo Merino Benítez in Santiago in 1980. Its major airport services have mainly focused on warehouse, export, aviation, passenger, flight operations and specialized services. Over the past few years, the competition in import and export logistics has become increasingly fierce, especially in the monitoring of such services.

To meet the challenges and avoid on-site disputes, Aerosan decided to offer value-added features to its warehouse and operations with VIVOTEK network cameras introduced by INFOKRAUSE. In addition to the surveillance functionality to ensure efficient and precise operations, the service also allows customers to access the surveillance system via the Internet and mobile networks to view their goods handling and delivery process, differentiating Aerosan from other competitors in the market.

First, Aerosan implemented a VIVOTEK-powered video surveillance system that would meet the security needs of its operations. To this end, the company installed 12 indoor VIVOTEK cameras and 12 outdoor bullet cameras.

These cameras feature 2-megapixel sensors, which can capture comprehensive views and deliver clear and detailed images for accurate identification of objects and people. The 2-megapixel high resolution videos from the 24 cameras are managed and recorded by VIVOTEK's recording software. All cameras are remotely monitored from a central location.

Moreover, Aerosan took advantage of features such as multiple streams and 3-GPP to offer customers direct access to the activities inside each location. In addition to high resolution video for recording, each camera can simultaneously transmit a small CIF image with reduced bandwidth usage for real-time remote or mobile viewing. Customers can access the Aerosan surveillance system to view their goods handling and delivery process anytime, anywhere. For VIP customers, Aerosan also provides DVDs with videos of how they efficiently process goods from arrival to shipment, building customer trust and loyalty.

Through adoption of VIVOTEK's products in its IP surveillance systems, Aerosan has not only improved its operational security and efficiency, but also enhanced the loyalty of its customers. Additionally, the system has an open architecture for IT maintenance to reduce relevant personnel costs, and allows for unlimited expansion, with no restrictions on distance and allowing for centralized control.

"This video surveillance system is fantastic. It makes us completely different from other competitors and the video image quality is simply superb," said a Ranking Official at Aerosan Airport Services S.A. "VIVOTEK products and solutions executed our value-added service perfectly and earned customers' trust and loyalty."

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