Morpho Awarded Malaysian Biometric Identity Contract

Morpho (Safran group) signed a contract with the Malaysian National Registration Department to supply its identity management system. Designed to ensure the secure issuance of multiapplication ID cards, this latest-generation biometric system will replace the government's current system, already supplied by the company in 1997.

Morpho management is a software-based solution used to register citizens (fingerprints, photo and personal data), and reliably authenticate citizens' identities when they access the various online services offered by the government (e-government). Incorporating the latest biometric algorithms developed by Morpho, this new solution will further improve the speed and accuracy of the current system, while also increasing the capacity of its database up to 30-million records.

"The Malaysian government is a recognized pioneer in biometric and e-government solutions," said Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Morpho. "After working with us for more than a dozen years, the government has once again placed their trust in Morpho. We are very honored by Malaysia's selection of our system, which will guarantee top-flight security for the issuance of Malaysian citizens' ID documents."

Morpho will deliver a turnkey solution for Malaysia, with a central facility in Putrajaya, and more than 200 fully equipped offices around the country. Through this latest contract, Morpho confirms its leadership position in Malaysia for identity management and e-government access solutions.

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